[Vintage & Used] Speaker Finds!

Post your vintage speaker finds below!

Make sure to include location (city/state), price, and link.

JBL S38 II - 3-way bookshelves

$140 pickup only
Violet, Louisiana

Infinity Beta 50

Top tier, last of the good Infinitys.

These have the more rare original black grills, opposed to the more common dark grey.

$300 pickup only
Snellville, Georgia

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Kef Q1 bookshelves

I have a pair of these and they are absolutely worth it. $250 is a little much, but the color on these is rare. The condition also seems good. If you can snag them for under $215 then it’s a steal, IMO.

Insanely smooth and beautiful sounding. A little light on bass, but the bass rolloff is smooth so it’s hard to tell. The coaxial tweeter/driver is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

$250 OBO free shipping
Rusido, New Mexico

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Love the look of these. Unique. Now to find some matching towers…

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Picked them up for 225. He wouldn’t go for 215.


JBL L3 tower speakers (2-way)

JBL L series, circa 1992 -

Option 1

$295 + shipping (or local pickup)
Flushing, New York

A little bit of damage to the cabinet, but these are absolutely worth the cost of entry.

Option 2

$389 + shipping (or local pickup)
Jacksonville, Florida

Appears to be in better condition than option 1…


Better price than I got on mine. 180 + 35 shipping.

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Could make a deal on these. Having make an offer and never opened brand new? 75 each, why not try to talk him down for both?

Did you get yours yet?

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No shipping, no replies, I’ve sent two messages about shipping. Nothing.


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I’ll give him till Monday then I’ll talk to eBay. Oh well I guess.

JBL S38 large bookshelf speakers

$124 + shipping (auction)
Sacramento, California

JBL ES30 bookshelf speakers with super tweeter

$150 + shipping OBO
Cupertino, California


Oof 100 for shipping. Got to love shipping costs.

More KEF speakers! iQ-1

$229 + $37 Shipping

KEF Q1 6.5" Uni-Q bookshelves

$200 + shipping
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Infinity Beta 20 (basically brand new)

$179.00 + shipping
Saint Petersburg, Florida

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3.1 Infinity Interlude with Velodyne Subwoofer

$340.00 - local pickup only
Scottsdale, Arizona