V3.0 Intel S5500BC Boot Power Fault

I’ve been piecing together parts for a v3.0 build for quite some time, and am just now starting to assemble it. I bought a E5506 to use for updating the bios and inserted it and two sticks of ram to see if it would boot. Upon powering up, I got a 1-5-4-4 beep code, which, according to the manual means:

“Power control fault (Power good assertion timeout) - Power unit sensors – soft power control failure offset.”

I’m using a brand new Seasonic PSU, so thinking I got a dud, I pulled a PSU out of a working system, and still got the same fault. I also tried changing to CPU and different RAM sticks just because, but no change.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Are you using the correct power plug for the cpu? Sometimes they get mixed up with a pci-e power connector.

Yes, I’m positive I have the correct cables plugged in. I’ve tried multiple PSUs and multiple CPUs and no go. It’s not installed in a case, just sitting on my bench, so I don’t think it’s grounding out anywhere either.

If you haven’t already…maybe clear cmos and/or do a bios recovery via the jumper settings. I don’t know much about that board other than what I’ve been reading.

Maybe swap over to the other cpu or try one cpu at a time…that type of thing.

A lot of the beep code topics came up with people figuring out they have a grounding issue.

I wouldn’t even plug a hard drive in it until it’s posted. Also I wonder if it matters if case fans are hooked up…would the board just shut down if they weren’t detected? It does say in the manual to give it 40 seconds to post.