Used HP ProLiant as an unraid/Plex server

Hello. Total noob here! I have been going through the forums and discovered tons of wonderful information. Thank you in advance.

Amazon is selling a bunch of renewed HP ProLiant servers.

The one I am referencing appears to have a passmark score of 9091. And so it has 2 CPUs that I imagine equates to 18182.

Would these make for a decent unraid/Plex server for light transcoding?

Thank you again in advance!

This is a questionable listing, it seems like it might be a scam.

Assuming it’s not … Would it be a good candidate?

It in theory is an “Amazon Renewed” product.

I ordered it so I will let you know. I figure between Amazon’s guarantee and disputing it on my credit card I will be covered in case it’s a scam.

My server is being delivered today and will let you guys know if it matches the specs!