Use an lga 2011 cpu fan on an am4 processor

Hi all,

I am currently thinking of upgrading my PC from an intel i7 lga2011 based socket to an am4 based cpu.
However back in the day i spent a lot money on a dual fan liquid cooling cpu fan, which despite being 11 years old still works perfectly.
I keep wondering what a waste it is to throw it away or sell it for almost nothing on ebay. so i would like to know if anyone came across any adapters that allows to fit a lga2011 fan in an am4.

i see that there are some adapters that allow to do the opposite, and i know that lga2011 is slightly bigger than am4. but looking at it it certainly feels physically possible to put such fan.

What CPU cooler do you have now?

currently am using the stock amd ryzen cpu cooler.
The one i have laying around is an h100 i got for my lga2011. i would like to put my h100 into my new am4 processor, the reason why i havent purchased something new is that i am still hoping that is possible to find something to allow them both to co-exist.

Depends on if you have a square or circle mount Corsair:


Sorry should have said initially its the square mount… I assumed all lga2011 have the square mount.

All the mounts i see for am4 are round. hence me finally bothering people here:(

I’m referring to the pump type. Look at the two brackets that I posted, both are for AM4 socket.

yes, sorry i have the square pump, in the links these brackets, seem to be for the “i” models (mine predates the i models by a year i think). I think i will buy just buy the square bracket and try it. i didn’t find it before.

Thank u