USB Header Adapter - anyone use one?

Most of my motherboard USB headers go unused due to the types of cases/chassis I use.

Has anyone tried these types of USB header to USB port adapters? They effectively create an motherboard USB drive for boot.

I’m looking to buy one but don’t want to fry my motherboard

i have not personally used one, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work for that purpose.

I should have phrased the original post more along the lines of “who is using these?” Because they look simple enough… and cheap enough… that the Chinese quality could backfire.

cheap enough to not go directly chinese then? from startech

or i kinda like this one from tripplite, i could use this in a 1u chassis im working on

im using usb3 version since i am using an older case. no issues at all.

I actually like the idea. I have taken another approach though, that you might like. I’m using USB-A connectors in my servers up to a USB keystone in my patch panel so I can plug things in up there. For a boot device this probably isn’t AS advantageous but it certainly would be useful. For my Unraid boot drive, I’m using a really low profile USB drive anyway that is near impossible to hit accidentally on the back of my server.

Startech makes god-tier components. Go this route instead.