[USA-WA] all sold

SOLD 64gb (4x16) Kingston DDR3 12800R ($90 shipped)
SOLD 32 gb G.SKILL ($150 shipped) SOLD
SOLD Unifi USG ($75 shipped) SOLD
SOLD Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus w/ rack mount accessory ($150 shipped) SOLD
SOLD 5TB Seagate BarraCude 2.5" HDD ($90 shipped) SOLD
SOLD Intel 5960x ($200 shipped) SOLD

Find me on discord for fastest response :slight_smile:

in 4 cloudkey and possibly the ram…

bundle and save :slight_smile: we can work out details on text or discord

This still available? If so PM me.

Just shipped it to Mazzy today! sorry

I got a buddy that wants this, so I’ll take it off your hands for you.

Sweet, we chatted on discord and this is all packaged up and ready to mail out! Marking it as sold.

Confirmed received from @xijio and everything was expertly packaged. Ram was in anti static bags, and bubble wrapped. Every other item was expertly packed in one box. Also received a bonus

I think Xijio is hinting me to embrace my potential in new careers.

Highly recommend doing trades with Xijio again.

Glad you like the stripper set, hahaha.

all is sold now!

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