[USA-TX] DELL T7500 Prebuilt Unraid Server/Workstation Ready for Unraid

Hi Guys,

Up for sale is my very first server. Called it Ptolemaios.

Dell T7500
Processors (2) Xeon L5640
RAM 2 x Crucial 4GB PC3-10600R
Power Supply Dell 1100w 80+ Silver
HBA Card Dell H200 - LSI SAS 9210-8i
GPU Nvidia NVS 295
SAS Cables 2x Mini SAS to 4-SATA SFF-8087 Breakout Cables
Thermal Compound Noctua NT-H1

Looking for $250 OBO Local Cash/Venmo
With it you will receive a power cable, 2 DP to DVI adapters, and spare (2) Xeon E5504.
Original 750 GB HDD will come with it that contains a functioning Copy of Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate

If you were looking for more pics/progress pics:

something borked your formatting…

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