[USA-OH] Asus g750jw laptop, unlocked att Samsung s9+, itx goodies!

So i have up for sale quite a few things. Some will most likely be local sales only (Dayton to West Chester area, may travel some within reason if agreed upon) due to shipping… ​

The node 202 case I used for quite sometime until upgrading to a larger case. It includes a fractal design 450w PSU and the vertical stand and some various accessories including screws, a couple sata cables and manuals and such.
Price: $50 local


Asus G750JW Laptop. Has an added Samsung 850 pro 256gb SSD for Boot drive. System specs are in the timestamp pics, but the jists of it, has an nvidia 765m, i7-4700hq, 12gb of ddr3 ram, and also a hitachi 1tb HDD(931 gb) will ship with fresh install of windows 10 home.
EDIT: I FORGOT to add that yes, it does include the factory charger, it however may need replaced soon, as you have to play with the cord coming out of the brick sometimes. It never bothered me as I just kept the laptop stationary… This monster isn’t something you want to lug around
Price: $450 OBO shipped (shipping on this monster will be quite pricey, but depending on actual shipping costs, can def. work with you on the price)



Corsair SF600 SFX PSU: Includes everything that came with it. Even bought the extended warranty through MicroCenter, not that it may or may not matter to you. Price: $115 Shipped SOLD

HP SSd S700 120gb Price: $20 shipped, or 10 with another purchase. SOLD

Noctua 40x10mm fans Price: $25 shipped, or 20 with another purchase. SOLD

Cryorig C7 ITX Cooler: $30 shipped SOLD

Noctua NH-L9a-AM4: AM4 ITX cooler, everything included if purchased new, used the included paste once in a bind but verified there and useable still: $35 shipped SOLD

Asus Dual Band wireless adapter card. Everything included in box: $25 shipped

AT&T Unlocked samsung galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U). This is the Black 64gb version. It has some knicks in the sides of the housing. I used a whitestone dome glass screen protector which also cracked within the first week of owning it (personally i feel this was due to the case and glass overlap) The screen itself is fine however. Tried to include pics that show the cracks in the protector as well as nicks in the actual sides of the phone itself. Will come with everything it shipped with including the samsung quick charger just minus the Sim card. Phone is unlocked and just needs your own sim. Please verify this will work with your own carrier, I am not responsible for it not working with yours… Will also include the caseology Vault case that i used with it daily. Price: $300 Shipped. SOLD

​ Prices can be flexible within reason, especially if you decide you want multiple items. I frequent the Dayton Area and am also down in West Chester everyday for local sales, just let me know. ​
I DO NOT do sales outside of the US, so ABSOLUTELY NO Shipping forwarders! Please dont ask.

Shipping will only be to verified paypal addresses, sorry if this doesn’t work for you. ​ TimeStamps!!: https://imgur.com/a/H9Y2Esb

Edit3: /u/240strong is my HWS username in case anyone is wondering, I can provide timestamps with this forum username should anyone desire that, or more pics of anything as per request! Everything must go! Got a baby to feed and put diapers on and also being coerced into downsizing my plethora of stuff in the office/basement T.T

Please upload your images to the forums natively.

Should be good now good sir.

Edit: someone… Anyone… Please buy this stuff!!! Gotta 9 week old to buy formulers and diapers for and that stuff ain’t cheap!

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Do you have the riser card for the Node 202 case? (I’m in Columbus)

Yessir! Riser card is included! Everything’s all bagged up, 2x sata cables, riser card, extra zip ties, documents etc. 2x white pci metal cover pieces or whatevs lol are installed in the back. Any extra pics you may want I can get for ya too. Just let me know

Let me figure out how I’d use it, because right now I don’t have a build idea for it right now.

I was going to use it for pfsense if I hadn’t gotten the great prebuild deal I did off eBay.

I was using it as my gaming tower in my living room setup until I moved to a bit bigger case. But alright lemme know! I’m actually off work today too.

I’d probably do the same if I didn’t already have a pfsense rig.

Hahaha ya I feel ya there. I debated moving my pfsense over to it but eh. Too much work and need the money, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of a prebuilt case lol