[USA-NV] Dell R630 | Dual E5-2620 v3 | 128GB | 10x 460GB SSD

Dell OEMR XL R630 - QTY 4


Verification Image:

Each server has:

  • Dual E5-2620 v3 Xeon CPU
  • 128GB (8x16GB DIMM)
  • 10x Samsung PM863a 460GB Enterprise SSDs
  • PERC H330 RAID Controller
  • QLogic 57800 2x10Gb DA/SFP+ + 2x1Gb BT Network Daughter Card
  • iDRAC Enterprise
  • Dual 115GB SATADOM
  • RMS200 8G (8GB NVMe NVRAM)
  • Rails

Please upload your images to the forum natively, it helps out mobile users a lot.

I have uploaded the image natively!

Oh, I didn’t realize it was just the one image lol.

Thanks for doing that!

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