[USA-MI] Dell Servers, Lenovo M73, E5-2600v3 CPUs

I’ve got a few servers, and CPUs for sale. They’re posted here, homelabsales, hardwareswap, and some on eBay.

Photos: HLS 12/13 - Album on Imgur


  • 2x E5-2690v3 CPUs, 12c/24t: $175 each/ $325 both
  • Dell R210ii (originally R210, with mobo swap). E3-1220 CPU, 8GB RAM: $125
  • Dell R510 12 bay with internal 2.5" bays. H200, L5630 CPUs 16GB: $225
  • Dell R7610 workstation. 2xE5-2643 CPUs. 8GB RAM: $350