[USA-IN] Looking for 2x E5-2695 V2 or E5-2697 V2

As the title says. Looking to buy 2x E5-2695 V2 or E5-2697 V2 for a build. Located in Indiana. Have PayPal account and Zelle.

I am planning to retire my Anniversary NSFW workstation build, shuffle boards, and CPU’s, and upgrade my workstation to a 2011v3 in the next 3-4 weeks. IIRC these are not ES. I can probably take a picture in about 3 weeks as this system is currently in use. I’ll be asking in the neighborhood of $350.00+ship (your choice of method) for the set though I have not settled on the final price. I can accept PP or Z.

I’ve got 2 2650 V2’s for sale in WTS

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