(USA) Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 (chips?)

Yes that’s what I want to buy. I have the board and I bricked it. It was working just fine before I decided to try a BIOS update to R17. In the process it failed. Probably toasted the BMC chip as well. I’m looking for someone who has the know how and hardware to make copies of their BIOS chip and BMC chip. And then sell them to me. I have been trying to do this with a CH341A but I’m out of my skillset obviously. It’s not just a matter of flashing a rom or bin file to the chips. I have blank chips for both and a CH341A with various cable clips and adapters. But not another board to clip onto and make fresh working copies of the chips. PM me. Willing to trade. Willing to reward this very special person quite well if they can help me get this thing to boot. PM me for details. Thank you

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