[USA-FL] Dogfish mSATA 240gb (NAS Killer 4 Mini-Itx)

I have recently upgraded my cache disk and processor, both items were pulled from working server without issues. The server is relatively new and has only been running since Dec '19

-Xeon E3-1260L SR00M SOLD
-Dogfish 240gb mSATA SSD ($30 Paypal or BTC Shipped or $25 Local, Cash only)

  • used since Dec '19 as cache in unraid who’s primary function is a plex server. SMART info below

you have a pm

Replied. Both items are still available, will be listing on Ebay next week.

Xeon E3-1260L Still available? @InocentRoadkill

Yep, still available.

Hi there!

Is the Xeon still available? Would you send it to Europe or only USA?

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