[USA-CO] "SNAFU" anniversary 2.0 server

SNAFU anniversary 2.0 ($400 OBO)

64 GB ECC ddr3 RAM
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
5 x 3TB drives
2 x 600GB drives (fast spin drives but I forgot what speed)
Rosewill case

I was/am running Unraid on the server to use it as a NAS. If I could transfer the license, I would but I don’t think I can. I got this thinking I would put all my videos/photos on it but I just haven’t been using it at all. I’m also thinking of moving to Europe so I’d like to start selling my things I am not using.
It’s all in a Rosewill case, I did the mod to it that lets it fit up to 12 hard drives.

I don’t want to ship this so local only, sorry.


This looks pretty solid! Good luck with sale.

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Thanks! I hope so.

Ill even throw in the server rack i have for free if someone can fit it!

Price drop to $350

If you decide to ship!!!

Sorry I’m not really sure how to ship it safely :\ and it would be so expensive given the weight of it.
Price drop to $300

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