[US-WI] ServeRAID M5210 SAS3 RAID Controller + SFF-8643/4x SFF-8482 Cable

ServeRAID M5210 12GB SAS3 RAID Controller + SFF-8642 to 4x SAS connectors with SATA power passthrough

$80 shipped

There are a couple of gotchas with this card, but if you can deal with them you’ve got yourself a 12Gb SAS3 card.

This is an IBM/Lenovo branded card, basically the same as a 9364-8i. Ive confirmed it works in non-Lenovo systems, but as far as I can tell you cant access the BIOS in a non-Lenovo system. However, you can use the LSI web utility or the StorCLI utility to manage the card from your OS of choice.

This card uses the LSISAS3108, which CANNOT be flashed to IT mode. It does support JBOD mode to pass disks through to the OS. This however poses a problem if you have SAS drives that aren’t formatted with a sector size the controller likes. As long as you have a different controller to connect to and reformat the drives, this card will be happy.

This does not come with a bracket. The system it came out of had an internal pcie slot this was installed in. Heres a link to one

If you buy this and have questions, feel free to DM me. Ive spent a fair bit of time troubleshooting the same card in my current server.

Heads up, you can cross-flash this to base LSI or Supermicro firmware and use the EFI utility (from within the bios). You can also use MegaRaid Storage Manager. There is a procedure to change the identifiers to flash the nvram and get the web bios working again but I could only get it to work on one card. It involves a jumper on the card to put it into recovery mode. Either way, These are ESXI 8.0 approved hardware and work well.

It also uses the standard LSI bracket, like what is on an LSI2008 card. I used one off of a Dell LSI2008 flashed card.


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