[US-WI] Oracle F80, Silicom dual SFP+ 10Gb, HP dual SFP+ 10Gb, Intel X520-T2 dual 10GbE

Various PCIe cards for sale

Cleaning out my basement and found a handful of cards Im not using.

Oracle F80 WarpDrive 800GB (4x200GB) SSD - $60 shipped

  • Full height bracket

Silicom PE210G2SPI9A-XR Dual SFP+ 10Gb - $25 shipped

  • Low profile bracket

HP NC523SFP Dual SFP+ 10Gb - $25 shipped

  • Low profile bracket

Dell Intel X520-T2 Dual 10Gb Ethernet - $50 shipped

Does the Dell and Silicom Card have the approved vendor SFP+ module DRM?

I dont recall ever having issues with the silicom being picky about the module I put in it, but its been awhile since I had it running.

The Dell card is ethernet, not SFP+. Updated post to clarify

Ah sorry that is my bad. I skipped over the T2. The DRM is easy to remove :wink:

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