[US-WA][CAN-BC] - Gigabyte 7PESH2, 128GB RAM, E5 2650v2 x 2

I’ve upgraded my Anniversary 2.0 build to something a bit more beefier, so I’m looking to sell my current parts to cover the costs of the new build. Parts list is below.

I’m physically located in Vancouver BC (Canada), but I do frequently cross over to Washington (Blaine/Bellingham) so I can ship from the US as well if needed (although this may take an extra few days depending on when I can go down).

A few notes:

  • I have run both sets of RAM modules independently through MemTest86’s standard 4 pass stress test and passed with no issues. I can provide the Memtest86 report if required for each set of memory modules.

  • CPUs have been run through Prime95 for at least 8 hours independently to ensure CPU stability.

Gigabyte 7PESH2 Motherboard: $350 CAN / $275 USD
Intel Xeon E5 2650v2 CPU: $50 CAD / $40 USD each
64GB Samsung 4x16GB DDR3 ECC PC3-14900 RAM: $160 CAD / $125 USD
64GB Kingston 4x16GB DDR3 ECC PC3-12800RAM: $150 CAD / $120USD
Corsair HX 750i Platinum Power Supply: $120 CAD / $95 USD
Arctic Freezer 12 CO CPU Fan: $30 CAD / $24 USD each
SAS to SATA breakout cables: $15 CAD / $12 USD each

If shipping is required, shipping will be calculated from Postal Code V3N 0H1 or ZIP 98230 at actual cost.

Power Supply
CPU Cooler

Please post some pictures when you are able to.

Motherboard is sold (sorry, for some reason I can’t edit my original post to remove items)

Pictures and rule adherence are required to sell items here. If you cannot edit your post, please add a reply with the required information.

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