[US-TX] Supermicro 24 bay systems

I have 10 SuperMicro CSE-846TQ-R1200B 4U.

Case for reference: https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/chassis/4U/846/SC846TQ-R1200B

I’m asking $400 each. I would prefer local cash, but message me and we can talk about shipping as I have never shipped something this size before. 78250 is my zip code.Thanks!

They all have:

  • 24 x 3.5" hot-swap drive bay
  • 1 x 3.5" internal fixed drive bay
  • 1 x 3.5" CD-Rom drive
  • 1 x 1200w Power Supply
  • 1 x BPN-SAS-846TQ Backplane

2 of them have the SuperMicro X8DTH-i MOBO w/ 2 x Intel E5620 cpu


Imgur Imgur Imgur

4 of them have the SuperMicro X8DTi MOBO w/ 2 x Intel E5504 cpu


Imgur Imgur Imgur

4 of them have the SuperMicro X7SBE MOBO w/ single cpu


Imgur Imgur Imgur

I have rails for MOST of them. First come, First Served.

************************* WHAT THEY DO NOT HAVE ****************************

* HBA controller card ( I use 1 x LSI SAS 9210-8i 8-port 6Gb/s PCIe HBA (~$30 on ebay))
* Expander card ( I use 1 x HP 24-28 Bay Port 6Gb SAS SATA Expander Card (~$45 on ebay))
* Hard drives


I also have this posted on /homelabs w/ username JMW675.


Hopefully I did this correctly please, message me if there is a better way. Thanks again!

*** Edit: Added pic for attention

Hi, do you have any of these left? Thanks