[US-TX] Small Capacity SSD: Completed

Complete: Ended up buying some 120gb drives on ebay since smaller capacity drives were usually older and ~$10

I am looking to buy some small capacity 2.5" SSDs. I would like 2 for a RAID 1 install of pfSense (a 3rd if available to have an on hand replacement), and one 128gb as an on hand replacement for a truenas server (or another 3 smaller capacity drives if cheap enough). Neither set of drives should experience a large amount of writes (just minor tweaks to truenas/pfsense as needed). I would prefer enterprise drives over consumer since they should be more reliable, but am not picky.

I have used usb drives in the past, but have had a couple fail and I do not want that to happen on my next deployment and leave my wife trying to get the internet/plex working again on her own. I am open to other suggestions, but this seems to be the best route.

Bitdeals has 2-packs of 2.5" 10k drives as well as SSDs.

Thanks for the links. My original idea was snagging some smaller than 100gb SSDs if someone had some stashed somewhere and no idea what to do with them, but if that isnt the case i might snag one of those HDD 2 packs. It doesnt need to be an SSD, but i thought it would be nice from a power, noise, and longevity standpoint.

Nice and cheap, these 120GB Intel SSDs, can’t complain. I use one in my pfsense box.

Thanks for the link! I think I will go with these since the cheapest drives smaller than 120gb I am seeing are roughly $10 and tend to be older. Thanks again for the link!

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