[US-TX] Jamo by Klipsch 7.2 Speaker Set with Monoprice 12” Sub [SOLD]

Hi guys,
My house is full of speakers and there isn’t any more room to move around.
I have my excellent condition Jamo 7.1 channel setup for sale that was used for less than a year. I bought them last fall and have really enjoyed them, but I am ready to move on and for them to be enjoyed by someone else. It was used in my living room in my pet free and smoke free home. There are no apparent dings or scratches and have been used with banana plugs always.
These were never amped and volume was always kept at 50% or less taking great care to never clip or blow them up. This setup was meant to be a little over kill as it uses the upper midrange towers for both fronts and L/R Surrounds. It utilizes the larger of the jamo bookshelves for the rear and the larger center instead of the smaller set.

What’s for sale:

7.1 or 7.2 Layout
(4) S807 (Towers)
(1) S83 C (Center channel)
(2) S803 (Rears)
(2) Monoprice Monolith 12” Subs

You can take either a single sub or both as I plan to upgrade them eventually.

Only selling as a lot - meaning 7.1 or 7.2 format.

Price for 7.1 ($625)
Price for 7.2 ($750)

Selling at loss for me, for a nice gain for you.
Feel free to find me on discord or PM me here.
I am able to meet you anywhere in the greater Texas Metropolitan areas (Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio)

More pictures can be provided upon request.

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