[US-TX] A lot of DDR3-10600R 8GB DIMMs [SOLD]

Any order >$60 I’ll ship for free.

Hynix DDR3-10600R 8GB DIMMs - SOLD
I have 22 total of these.

Samsung DDR3-10600R 8GB DIMMs [SOLD]
I have 12 of these.

I am interested and am also in TX. Are there any issues mixing ram in a server? Right now I have 4 - 8GB Memory ECC REG PC3-12800 DDR3-1600. If I were to buy more from you would there be any issue using the two different speed sticks in the same server?

There shouldn’t be a problem. They would just run at the lower speed.

I’ll take 6

@Abysmal how do we proceed?

Hey! Sorry I didnt see your first post. I’ll DM you my PayPal link. I can get em shipped out tomorrow.

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