[US-TN] Fusion-IO drives Server Memory, NICs and more

Doing a little house cleaning and clearing out some equipment to make room for new projects.

Can ship to anyone in the US for free, PayPal/Venmo/etc accepted. If using PayPal Goods and Services please add 3% for fees, etc.

3.2TB ioScale2 Drive (SX350-3200) (Qty 1) - $275
3.2TB ioScale Drive (F11-002-3T20-CS-0001) (Qty 3) - $250/ea

  • All drives have at least 90% life on them

Intel x520-DA2 network card (Qty 2) - $60/ea

  • One is has a low profile bracket and one has a high profile bracket (can include an extra low profile bracket if needed)

Dell 0P71JP Intel X540/I350 rNDC (Qty 1) - $60/ea
Dell 0FM487 Broadcom 5720 Quad-Port rNDC (Qty 2) - $25/ea

16GB Samsung M393B2G70QH0-YK0 PC3L012800R (Qty 3) - $30/ea
8GB Crucial CT102472BB1339 PC3-10600R (Qty 16) - $20/ea
8GB Crucial CT8G3ERSLD41339 PC3L-10600R (Qty 4) - $20/ea
8GB Dell 99L0427 HMT41GR7AFR8A-PB PC3L-12800R (Qty 8) - $20/ea
8GB SK Hynix HMT41GR7AFR4A-PB PC3L-12800R (Qty 3) - $20/ea
8GB Crucial CT8G3ERVLD41339 PC3L-10600R (Qty 8) - $20/ea

Do you still have one of these available?

I still have both available, one with a high profile bracket and one with a low profile bracket.

3.2TB ioScale2 Drive (SX350-3200) is sold
Dell 0FM487 Broadcom 5720 Quad-Port rNDC have both sold

Everything else listed is still available.

do you still have the intel nic’s?

I do, one low profile and one full height (although I have a spare low profile bracket I can toss in with it).

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