[US-SC] WTS jolata, i7-3930k, i7-4700mq

started going through my tech closet and this is the first batch for sale.

Item 1 (asking price)
jolata jh-100-$280 shipped
this is the “green boi” that jdm posted a video about a few months ago. i’ve had it for a couple months and haven’t really used it. it was set up as a rackmount desktop but other projects took it’s place so it’s time to go.

-16gb ram
-64gb msata ssd(original contents wiped and is blank now)
-includes the rackmount ears and psu

i7-3930k-$80 shipped
got this with a motherboard/cpu combo and swapped the cpu for a xeon(have more ecc ram than standard). works fine just wasn’t for my use case

i7-4700mq-$80 shipped

got this in a t440p and used it for a few months but since the 440 isn’t designed for a 47w chip, it was too hot and the fans were always on full blast. swapped this for a 4702mq and it’s been sitting on the shelf since. if you search the cpu on ebay it’s used in various hp/dell laptops and thinkpad *540 laptops.it’s a great 4c/8t laptop cpu if the laptop is built for it.


Shit I kinda want that green boi back…

But alas, it should go to a good home. GLWS

trade you for your iboss or nx900 :wink:

Ha! I think the green would clash with the red of my storinator for about 11 months out of the year.

was worth the shot. haha

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