[US-SC] WTS dq77kb, e485 thinkpad, dh61ag/m350 case, asus p88-m mobo

Doing some closet cleaning

I’ve got 2 dq77kb motherboards. They’ve been tested and were going to be for an obs cluster but that project never happened. Decided on an AIO server build instead of clustering these(proxmox). 4 are in anti static bags and the one in the case was the “master” in the the project but I pulled the cpu for my current proxmox machine. It will ship in a anti static bag instead of a case.

$60 shipped/ea

Intel dh61ag motherboard with m350 case, intel HSF and an i5-3xxx. I don’t remember the cpu exactly off the top of my head but it’s an ivy bridge i5. It’s not supported by the motherboard(should’ve checked before I got it) so when powered on it beeps. Had a e3-1265l originally to test the board and everything works fine(the e3 is in another machine) basically you get a free i5 and HSF with this combo.

$50 shipped

Asus p88-m motherboard. Originally purchased for my freenas box but found a local deal on a x9scm while this was in shipping and it’s sat on a shelf in a box for about a year. $50 shipped

Thinkpad e485: Ryzen 5 cpu,12gb ram,1080 screen,500gb Samsung 970 nvme, updated bios for native linux support aka no need for boot parameters to get it running and sleep and lock etc work OOB. I’ve had it for about a year. Trying installing linux originally but the fans were stuck on high, sleep didn’t work and boot parameters were adjusted to get it installed (all major distros had this issue because of Lenovo bios table). Updated the bios to 1.54 which in the notes states updated tables for linux support. Ubuntu worked perfectly oob but I’ve gotten a t480 since and have been using that. I’ve used this on/off for about the first month I had it then shelves it. Fresh install of windows 10. $500 shipped


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Nice post and prices. Please upload your pictures to the forum natively!

Missed that part. Fixed

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Do you have a dq77kb for sale?

I’ve still got all 5.

Will take one then. Send me details please.

Hey, do you still have a DQ77KB available?

I have 3 left