[US-SC] cpus, motherboards, servers

getting rid of extra hardware that i am no longer using. i’ve listed the setups as individual parts but can leave them as is and take a bit off the price.

##i5-9400 cpu with b365m motherboard.

i bought this for a desktop but then decided to use it for a proxmox build but the hardware i had/wanted to use wouldn’t work. he ram shown in the bios screen is not included. I ended up switching to ryzen so i don’t have a use for this anymore. t
##SOLD## i5-$120 shipped ##SOLD##
b365m motherboard-$80 shipped
as a combo $180 shipped

SOLD ##os201 firewall

i bought a few of these for a proxmox cluster but couldn’t get proxmox clustering figured out so i gave up and don’t need so many.
each has a xeon e3-1225, 8gb ram and a supermicro x9scm motherboard and a passive heatsink.
as a full server asking $150 shipped.
if the case/psu isn’t needed then the motherboard, cpu,ram $110 shipped

##x9sra w/xeon e5-1650 V2 and 64gb ram, noctua hsf(fits inside a 4u case)

this was my vfio build(linux host with gpu passthrough) but i’ve ended up splitting duties and going with a gaming pc and desktop instead. if you want to gpu passthrough with unraid/proxmox/etc each pcie devie is in it’s own group.

xeon e5-1650 V2 $80 shipped
x9sra $ 100 shipped
64gb ram(4x16gb) $100 shipped
noctua nh-d9dx i4 3u $40 shipped
as a combo $280 shipped

SOLD ##x9dr3-ln4f with dual e5-2620 cpu and 48gb ram

this was part of a supermicro supersaver server but i reused the case and don’t need this setup anymore. it was WAY over built for a proxmox machine for me.

x9dr3-ln4f $130 shipped
dual e5-2620 $50 shipped
48gb ram $70 shipped. i also have four more sticks of the same ram that was for this that i haven’t used. i’ll added them for another $30.
as a combo with 48gb ram $220 shipped
as a combo with 80gb ram $240 shipped SOLD

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