[US-OH] 9211-4i SAS2 card, ASR-8405 SAS3 card, SAS cables

Clearing out some more of my closets of parts I don’t use anymore.

Reasonable OBO and combo discounts accepted.

Local is 43230 for pickup.

EDIT: Removed 2080 Super as it’s been sold.

Item Comments Price
LSI SAS9211-4i HBA Card Unused, no idea if it’s in RAID or IT mode. High profile bracket. $20 + shipping
Adaptec ASR-8405 Dell SAS3 HBA Card Unused, I think this one is in RAID mode. Low profile bracket. $35 + shipping
SFF-8088 → 4x Sata Cable 0.5m length $5 + shipping
SFF-8087 to 4x Sata Cable 1m length $10 + shipping

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