[US-MD] WTB Lenovo M720q Tiny - Pentium Gold G5400T

Looking to purchase a Lenovo M720q Tiny - Pentium Gold G5400T shipped to MD. Willing to pay price from this thread ($150 plus shipping).

I bought one from that Thread, but am looking to get one with better CPU options. I’ll gladly sell you mine.

Better CPU options?

If I kept it, I’d really like to try to hackintosh mine, and need proper i3/i5/i7 support. This is perfect as is for Plex transcoding. Bought it on impulse, but if someone else is going to use it while I find a deal on CPU, then I’m fine selling it.

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I believe the M720q does support all of those models, even if they are just the non-K variants.


Thank you @ajp for selling me one.

Right now, I am looking for another one for the same price plus shipping.

Are you rebumping your own request from 24h ago? I’m confused.

I didn’t realize I did that until I hit submit and I was about to delete that last post.

Also interested! PM me if you want to get rid of yours :slight_smile:

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