[US-IN] 30 Series RTX / A2000

I have the following cards available. Please note that the MSI/Gigabyte do not have boxes. Most all others should. Trying to post as close to market as possible, have no issues working with you. Detailed photos upon request.can

-Noted Averages_
3080 - $445
3070TI - $370
3070 - $335
3060TI - $320
RTX a2000 6GB versions - $250

Will update @ 9P with requested updates / interests.

3080 TI Zotac - SOLD
3080 TI FE - Pending - photos posted below if they fail to pick up.

I have some interest in a 3080 TI, likely the 3080 TI FE. Mind sharing some pics?

The Zotac 80TI has sold.
The 80TI FE is currently pending - However here are some photos if they do not follow through.

Because I’m too lazy to google, I’m going to ask here - do any of these have 24 GB of memory? I don’t think so?

Do you have any cards left? What were they used for?

FE 3080 TI and an EVGA 80 are gone.

Mining, gaming, etc.

Do any of the rtx a2000 have the half brackets?

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