[US-IL] Control4 Components

I moved into a new house with a small but adequate Control4 implementation but decided to go a different direction. I’ll list what I got and what I think is the conservative price on eBay from completed items. Happy to take less, def will make deals for multiple items/the whole collection and might even ship some stuff out for the cost of shipping if I don’t get any decent offers on the smaller things.

Control4 C4-HC250-BL-1A Automation Controller = ~$45

Control4 C4-TSWMC7-EG-WH, 7" in-Wall Touch Screen White = ~$85

Control4 C4-SR250B = ~$35

Control4 C4 HC800-BL = ~$150

Control4 c4-16amp3-b = ~$600

5x Control4 Dimmers APD120 = ~$90-120 each

2x Auxiliary C4-KA = $30 each
3x HAI Leviton 35A00-1 = $35 each

Some of the switches have some paint on them, but nothing a little elbow grease wouldn’t remove…

I have another post up with a Cisco 26port switch I don’t need and I’m gonna throw a post up of freebies that I’ll just ask for shipping on. And again i’ll take less than all these listed prices for forum members…

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