[US-ID] Nexcom NDiS B533, EdgeRouter Lite

I’ve had this stuff laying around for a while, I figure someone else can get some kind of use out of them!

[SOLD]First up is the Nexcom NDiS B533 fanless desktop system, you can read JDM_WAAT’s review here: [Official] Nexcom NDiS B533 - fanless desktop for pfSense, Roon endpoint, Parsec client, Car/RV PC, and more! - Technology / Hardware - serverbuilds.net Forums. I bought this as a pfSense project, but I never got around to working on it. I did replace the thermal paste after I got it, but it’s just been sitting unused since then. 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD like in the original article.

SOLD to phuriousgeorge.

Also selling my EdgeRouter Lite, changed to a mesh router system a few months ago. Factory reset.

$75 shipped in the USA.

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PM’ing, I’ll take the Nexcom

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