[US-GA] Mixed Ubiquity UniFi Networking Gear

Edit 1: Added starting prices below. Does not include shipping.

Posting for an acquaintance. Prefers local pickup in Atlanta metro area, but willing to ship.

He’s not given me an ask price. I think he’s open to offers. If anyone is interested I can pass along contact info.

$50 - 1 UniFi Cloud Key (Model UC-CK)
$30 ea - 7 UniFi Access Points (Model AP-AC) - These are the Gen 1 square ones I think. Looks like power injectors are included.
$70 - 1 package of 3 802.11n Long Range Access Points(Model SWX-UAP, UAP-LR). Looks like power injectors are included.

Posts require prices at a minimum. They can be negotiable, but there needs to be a starting point.

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Are any of these EOL or can’t be added to a current Unifi setup? I have a CloudKey and am running the latest 5.12.X, will any of these still work with that setup? I was looking around and there’s some debate if they still work.


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