[US-FL] SuperMicro X8DTL-iF


GA-7PESH2. All Sold. Thank you

SuperMicro X8DTL-iF. This is also called the “Lego” build board. Board comes with 2 E5620 cpus already installed into the board. I will even throw in a Sata 3 pci controller card.
Asking 85 shipped.

More info about this board can be found Here

2 x Intel Xeon Processor X5670
Will do a bundle deal if you also buy the X8DTL-iF board.
Asking 15 plus shipping.


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Is the X9DRL-7F still available?

Yes it is. Shipping should be about 25 bucks for the motherboard. Let me know if your intrested.

Hey would INTL shipping come to question? To Croatia if its not too expensive… cheers!

Checking interest on 3 GA-7PESH2 boards that I have. Let me know if your interested.

Updated with pics of GA-7PESH2 board and updated pricing.

How much just for one X5670? Thanks

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