[US-FL] i7 4790 CPUs, 8GB RAM Sticks, Fiber NICs, Dell 10GbE NDC, 2.5" HDDs, and more

I have been consolidating and decomming equipment in my server closet over the last couple weeks since I am working from home and now I have a bunch of gently used server and PC components for sale. This list is just a start, I’ll be adding additional items as I test them and take pictures. All items have been tested and verified working just prior to being listed. All items include US shipping that is via whatever method is cheapest for me from Miami. Payments via Zelle or Venmo preferred. Items marked as pending are sold and waiting for payment. Once items are sold and paid for, I’ll strikethrough the item. Some items are new/refurbs and marked as such.

Is the Dell quad port nic a Dell proprietary slot?

@easyrhino Yes it is; this is a daughter card for a Dell R620 and R720. It is compatible with other Dell servers but those two are the ones I am readily aware of.

@keeloi79 is the LSI 9201 still available?

Sorry it is sold. I forgot to update the listing.

Got it, thanks for the quick response.

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