[US-FL] 2TB Micron 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD

2x sold to smunro622. One SSD left.

We swapped out all of our 2TB SSDs for 4TB SSDs in our HP Workstations.We are clearing out the last of our cold spares we haven’t sold locally yet. These 3x Micron 1100 2TB SATA SSDs are essentially brand new and have have not been put into operation. Recent testing, confirmed by Micron Executive (see screenshot shows LBAs written/Read are less than 1GB and have only minimal power on hours (<20hrs).

$195 Including CONUS Shipping. Venmo Preferred.

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I will take 2 please

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Pls see DM

replied 2 DM and paid for 2 drives…

Tracking has finally updated! Was getting nervous because USPS picked up Monday but tracking didn’t update till today

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