[US][EU][APAC] VMware - various - remote/hybrid

Hey all,

VMware is hiring for thousands of positions worldwide, too many to list in general. I figured I’d give you a bit of my reasoning for aspiring towards being a VMware colleague.

https://rolp.co/KJeme will get you to my referral page with a searchable listing.

As far as the workplace goes, I am extremely satisfied with my time with VMware. I get to work alongside some incredibly talented people, and actually like my management; my bosses several levels up all have our backs.

I am incentivized in my role, have been very well compensated in my combined base/commission, awards, bonuses, and stock units based on my specific pay grade, and was recently promoted through a very transparent process.

Our benefits are excellent, and clearly documented on the interwebs: https://benefits.vmware.com/
They are comprehensive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, rated along the top companies in the world.

I know the hiring teams love customers/partners/professionals with adjacent experience, but if you’ve been paying attention in this community, you will fit right in. Part of my interviews years ago was very focused on what subreddits I frequent and GitHub contributions.

If you end up submitting an application using the link, DM me here or on our discord and let me know. Would love to see some more light green industry professionals with a VMware tag :smile: