[US-CO] HP 290 barebone, no CPU w/ 4GB RAM + Arctic P8 fan

Hey everyone, as stated this HP-290 includes no CPU, but does include the original RAM and an upgraded CPU fan.
Top cover is included and unit is otherwise complete.

$105 + shipping

Price drop.

Are you still selling this?

Yes, I am!

290 So, essentially I run Plex on a Shield to DVR OTA 1.0 mainly. I’ve been looking for better options to co-op with the shield so I can run a pc/NAS 24/7 since my shield relies on Wifi. I also want to add that your pfSense router use is really interesting as well. Just wanted some thought on if this is worth pursuing for my needs? and if so, what are go to options on completing the 290? I live in PHX and wanted to also understand shipping cost? Spilled over from Reddit and I’m blown away by the information provided on Serverbuilds.net, yet for a beginner this is very over whelming lol. Much appreciated!

Hey, wanted to follow up and see what total cost would be shipping to PHX?

I’m on vacation, I will message you when I return!

I’m back! Shipping will be around $15.

Is this still available?

Yes, this is still available!