[US-CA] SoCal - Local Pickup Only - R610 & R720

Friends company went full remote and started offloading hardware - I ended up with an R610 and R720 - no drives, but all drive trays. Based on the service tags

R720 has a 2x Xeon E5-2630v2 2.6GHz & 120GB of RAM
R610 has 2x Xeon X5690 3.46 GHZ - no RAM but I can add some to get you started (or you can shuffle it around yourself)

DVD drive in both machines

Additionally, I have more drive trays for both machines (pic is from originally delivery to my garage, before the drive trays emptied)

How much are you asking? I’m looking to build my first ever NAS soon but just saw this pop up. What else would I need on top of one of these? Other than RAM in one case and drives ofc

Salvation server section - these are just looking for a good home

Awesome, didn’t notice that before. New to these forums. Do you know how they would perform as a Jellyfin and data/photo/video backup? How about noise and power consumption? Thanks so much!

they’d be fine for storage - though you’re limited on total drive space (though DAS can solve that) - not sure what the requirements are for jellyfin, but you may want to look at the Quicksync topic if it’s similar to Plex.

As for the power/noise - these use a lot and make a lot (and a fair bit of heat) they aren’t designed for efficiency there - so if that’s a big concern, might not match your needs

I’ll check out that topic, thanks! But yeah I do want to keep those quite low, so unfortunately I think it’s best to save it for someone who can put it to good use. However, I could definitely use some of the RAM, especially if its ECC and something like a i3-8100 could utilize it. But I understand if you want to keep it all together for the right person.

Hi there! Is this still available?