[US-CA] Rack, Hotswap Chassis w/Rails, Mobo + CPUs, Noctua Heatsinks

Hello all, this is my “now I have two kids, downsizing” post. Located in San Francisco if you’d like to do a local pickup. I’d prefer not to ship this rack if I can avoid it.

Price for all - $425, plus shipping if not local. All item specific prices don’t include shipping.

Startech 18U 4 Post Open Frame Rack (4POSTRACK18U) - $125

It includes all original hardware/accessories, all 50 bolts and such to assemble (I counted everything this morning) and was used for about a year. You’ll see pictured the two accessory boxes with lots of little hardware packs, zip ties, etc.

The rack expands for depths of 22" to 40" and fits the chassis I am selling.

Startech 2U 16" Vented Shelf - 50lbs (CABSHELFV) - $25

This item is only the shelf as it doesn’t come with the 4 M5 screws and cage nuts, luckily I also have a 50 pack of screws/cage nuts below.

Startech M6 Cage Nuts/Screws 50 Pack (CABSCREWM6B) - $20

Plenty of cage nuts and screws.

Rosewill 4U Hot Swap 12 HDD E-ATX Rackmount Chassis (RSV-L4412U) - $225
Includes 3x 120mm front fans, 2x 80mm rear fans, 25" Deep

It includes nearly everything. (I misplaced one of the PCIe slot covers). Unless you’re planning on using 0 PCIe slots, this won’t matter. Includes all accessories including SATA cables, motherboard standoff and screws, PSU screws, etc.

Front facing 12 hot swap bays, includes the keys to lock/unlock. Fits in the 4 post rack.

iStarUSA Sliding Rail Kit 26" (ISTCRAIL26) - $25

Racks I could only find at B&H, compatible with the Supermicro chassis. Not pictured but included: washers.

Supermicro X9-DRi-F Motherboard E-ATX Socket LGA 2011 - $80

Dual Socket, 16 DIMM slots, narrow ILM. I purchased it from unixcom on eBay a bit over a year ago. All the RAM slots I used for my Proxmox server worked without issue. It includes (and is noted in the Unixcom eBay blue paper label, pictured) 2 E5-2620 v1 CPUs. I did not use these, consider them a bonus.

Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U Lot of 2 - $50

Compatible with narrow ILM motherboards such as the X9DRI-F, sold as a lot of 2. That is $50 for the lot.

Please edit the post and upload your timestamps directly.

If you have no local takers, I’ll happily take all the rack bits and related accessories.


When you say the rack bits, do you literally mean the bag of bolts and nuts? Or what specifically, like the rack, shelf, and bag of accessories?


If you still have the Noctua lot available and would be willing to ship I’d be more than interested.

@Surge_The_Raichu I do, yes. Not super familiar with how this works versus hardwareswap, but do you send me a zip code in private so I can estimate shipping?

The rack, all the bits and Bob’s that go with it, etc

@CubanRay Sure, let me get a weight on all of it. Would you also need 1 to 4 1U shelves? I happened into a lot of 5 and only needed 1. Model cabshelfv1u. 20 each, 60 for all 4, plus shipping as well.

Please provide your ZIP to estimate shipping and I’ll await your reply as well re: the additional shelf units.

I’m not sure how many shelves I’d need. I’ll take all 4 since I can put my modem and router on them, plus my quick sync box

@CubanRay Not sure if it’ll be worth it to you as shipping would be around 190. I estimated the accessories and shelves to weigh 27.4 without packaging, and the rack is listed as 58.4 without packaging. But, if that is acceptable, let me know.


Regrettably $200 in shipping is too expensive. If you were a bit closer I’d just pick it up myself at that point.
Thanks for checking though

@CubanRay Understood, no worries.

@Surge_The_Raichu sorry for the delay, two kids got me super busy. I’ll calculate shipping this week.

@Surge_The_Raichu Looks like Fedex box + pack would be 25.63, so $75.63 in total. Does that work?

works for me

Motherboard, rack, rack shelves + accessories are still available.

Heatsinks shipped to @Surge_The_Raichu, case and rails sold elsewhere. I’m not seeing a way to edit my original post anymore to reflect this.

Interested in rack shelf + motherboard. Where in CA are you located? NorCal?

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