[US-CA] Home server X10DAL-i starter pack, plus HBAs and a 4TB HDD

Supermicro X10DAL-I, Xeon E5 cpu choice, 6x8GB RDIMMS:

$200 + $20 shipping SOLD TO SILVER

  • listing this a combo because I think I can ship it all in the same box. this was my old home server for a few years.
  • Supermicro X10DAL-i motherboard. Works well except the first SATA port (of ten) is broken
  • your choice of CPU, either a single E5-2680v4, or dual E5-2637v3 QS models. i’ve used both in it.
  • 6x 8GB DDR4 RDIMMS. (note that one CPU can only drive 4 DIMMS)


$15 + $10 shipping SOLD TO SILVER

  • 12gbps SAS controller.
  • still uses older SFF-8087 connectors (more common for SAS2 drives), peak throughput is aroung 10gbps instead of 12gbps.
  • used with both ESXI and linux and Windows
  • available with either tall or low profile bracket

LSI 9260-4i SAS hardware RAID card

$5 + $10 shipping

  • 6gbps SAS hardware RAID card
  • does not have battery backup
  • cannot run in IT mode
  • it’s old, no longer supported natively by ESXi
  • it worked fine with both windows and linux

CableCreation SFF-8087 to SATA breakout cable SOLD TO SILVER

$5 + $10

  • 18 inches long
  • works fine, just not with SAS drives
  • I can include this in another package without extra shipping charge i think, otherwise cheaper off Amazon.

Sending pm

sold all but the LSI 9260-4i to Silver.

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