[US-AR] Rosewill RSV-L4500

Sold to UnworldlyAlex

Rosewill RSV-L4500 with 550w PSU. $60.

Cleaning out my garage. I was going to build a second a second NAS then a rack mount gaming rig but never got around to it. Would prefer local pickup but will ship at your cost. Let me know zip code and I can get you a quote.

What’s 34236 look like?

Looks like $45 for UPS Ground

Two questions:

  1. What would shipping be to 18064?
  2. Is this the 15-bay version, or another variant?

PM inbound

I m sure Its gone. But if not ill take it. Shipped to 56465

Shipping to that zipcode is $50

Shipping UPS ground to that zip code is $60. Yes, it is the 15 bay variant.

It looks like someone may have already claimed it but on the off-chance that nobody else has sealed the deal so far, I’ll take it. You can PM me if it’s still available and we can finalize things.

Sold to UnworldlyAlex

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