[US-AR] Intel X520-T2 10GBE NIC

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I’m converting all my lab stuff to SFP+ from RJ45.

Dell Branded Intel x520-T2 10 GBE NIC - $50 obo

Note this uses RJ45, not SFP

Would be interested in trading for an SFP+ 10gb nic that is compatible with TrueNAS or VMWare 7.0.

These are great NICs. I have 4 in use and I have no problem getting advertised speeds on them.

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Thanks for the review. It worked great when I was using it. I had it in my main desktop, but my new motherboard has a multigig nic, and also doesn’t match the color scheme :rofl: Also trying not to buy a bunch of SFP+ to RJ45 transceivers for my switch, fiber works better for my needs.

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pm incoming

I have some of these but the fans are failing. Has anyone found replacement fans?

Sold to UntamedGorilla

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