UPS for unRaid build?

My Chenbro will be here next week, so I’m collecting the rest of the pieces. One item I’m looking for some input on is a UPS. I have an APC for my desktop, and it automatically shuts it down safely with power loss. I want similar capabilities for my unRaid NAS, but their software is Windows only.

Based on some searching it looks like a plug-in for unRaid is available for APC units, and works with some CyberPower UPS. There is also something called NUT that seems to have hit or miss compatibility.

Do y’all have any specific models that have worked well for you in unRaid?

Your APC with USB will work with Unraid. I do prefer the CyberPower units as they are generally a better value.

Buy the largest one that you can afford.
850VA / 510W:
1000VA / 600W:
1350VA / 815W:
1500VA / 900w:

These are confirmed to work with Unraid, FreeNAS, Linux, and Windows.