Upgrade plan advice 2 NAS (1 build + 1 upgrade)

Hy guys, it’s time to do some upgrade in process and hardware.

My current situation is: 1 offsite NAS (Synology in RAID5 configuration) for remote backups. At home I have my QNAP ts-453a that has Unraid installed and is my media storage with 28TB of storage. In the beginning of my journey I thought this NAS will be only a pool for movies and my photos because I have a secondo offsite NAS dedicated only for backups. But I ended up storing also sensible datas, family things and photos that I want to protect. I have a copy of those files on my remote NAS but you really don’t know what can happens.
SO, I need to change things. Unraid is great but you really don’t have any backup feature. Yeah you can replace a drive or two but you can’t recover files deleted, parity etc. So this is my plan and I need you to confirm if is smart or if it’s needs some change.

I will build the NAS Killer 6 with a SuperMicro X11SCA-F, i5-8500T, 32-64GB ECC RAM, with 8-10 HDDs. I will install unraid an make a big fat pool of 50-70Tb. When the Unraid NAS will be ready I will copy all my data from my QNAP to my new NAS Killer. Done that I could 1) revert my QNAP to the original software and use RAID5 or 2) install TrueNAS with RAID5. This will give me a local backup to secure my files. Done this process I can copy all my sensible data from the NAS Killer to the local QNAP. That’s it.
I will use the NAS Killer to store all the data that I can loose (movies, music etc) + my sensible data to use in local network. I will schedule a rsync process to backup the sensible data fron the Killer to my local QNAP every night as backup and a remote backup just in case.

Does it make sense? Am I missing something?
I have a question. I will need to have TWO instances of Unraid but I have only one licence (now on my old QNAP). Can I install the trial versin on the new NAS and THEN move my old licence to the new one?

Yes, but this will invalidate the old install key. Just making sure that distinction is made.

So far as the “lacking backup feature”, it’s actually a lot more flexible than most other storage appliances are in that you can setup as many different types as you want. You could setup a remote mount and rsync snapshots. You could zip and send tarballs of files/directories/etc. You could setup borg/restic/kopia. You can setup rclone and send backups to just about any cloud storage platform on the planet.

Just because it’s not front and center on the UI doesn’t mean it isn’t available, it just means you have as many choices as you have the imagination, willingness, and energy to setup. The solution can be as complicated and layered as you would prefer or just a simple mirror to another node. The choice is yours

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