Upgrade Path Advice from Anniversary Build

Hey all, after building a few systems from the guides posted here over the years, I’m looking to upgrade and reorganize my equipment a bit. My current All-in-one NAS is below:

Current Server

Type Part
Chassis Rosewill RSV-L4500
PSU0 750W
Mobo GA-7PESH2
CPU 2 x E5-2670 SR0KX
RAM 16 x 8GB ECC
Addon Card HP 487738-001 24Bay 3GB SAS Expander Card
Storage 12 x 4TB Drives (SAS/SATA)
Storage 256GB SSD

Future Build (w/ parts already purchased)

Type Part
Chassis Supermicro 846
Backplane BPN-SAS2-846EL1
PSU 2 x PWS-920P-SQ
Mobo X9SCL±F (probably ditching this)
Addon Card

If you don’t want to read much, there’s bulleted questions after this. My goal is to make the new NAS in the 846 chassis as a single purpose NAS instead of hosting VMs and stuff as well. I would split of the VMs and services to either another box or 1u chassis. I have had some issues with the GA-7PESH2 that I have but it’s still working so I’m thinking of replacing it all together. My plan is to take the RAM & Storage from my current NAS and get a new Mainboard and more efficient CPU that’s not overkill for the new chassis.


  • What would be the most cost effective way to split out the services into a new box and build out the new NAS (Thinking of going the QuickSync route for the plex server, but assuming I’d need a bit more horsepower for unpacking large files)
  • Do I still need the HP SAS Expander with the BPN-SAS2-846EL1 backplane or can I now just connect that directly to the HBA with 1 or 2 cables
  • Since it’s a single purpose NAS, what are some good Mobo options that I could transfer the RAM to and possibly just run a single CPU setup or dual CPU that’s more efficient since it won’t be as horsepower hungry with the services being offloaded
  • Does it seem like I’m missing something if I pick up a new mobo/cpu and transfer the RAM to the new chassis?

That was probably way longer than it needed to be for what I’m asking, but thanks for all the information you guys provide!