Upgrade advice on plex server

  • Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
  • AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 4 threads
  • Onboard radeon vega grapics @ 3500 Hhz
  • 16 GB ram
  • 2 – 12T parity drives
  • 8 – disks 66T total
  • 2 – unmounted
  • 250 GB NVME Cache
  • Unraid 6.7.2
  • Binhex plexpass
  • Home assistant core

New to the server world and have a questions on upgrading a component.
I have gotten a couple 1U servers that have 10 GB networks and would like to upgrade my plex server to 10GB network.
When i first set up my server i had a monitor plugged in and could boot up and see the unraid menu options. I have since unplugged that monitor to use on my new servers to see what was in them. After doing this and plugging the monitor back into my plex server i can no longer see the boot up.
Question can i add a 10GB nic to my board and have it see the nic and direct my traffic to it in the web GUI.
Thanks for any help.

By default, the Unraid web interface broadcasts over all available NICs, so yes, you will be able to view it on a 10Gb card.

Perfect 10Gb network here i come.
thanks again