Updating NAS 5.0 CPU/RAM Unraid - How to backup/not lose everything

I am using my NAS 5.0/Unraid machine way more than I originally thought I would and will be updating some of the hardware.

I’m a newbie, so getting the server working in the first place was quite the adventure and would prefer not to have to start from scratch.


  • CPU i5-4670 to Intel Core i7-4790 (found a good deal, so why not?)
  • RAM 16 GB (4 X 4GB) to 32 GB (4 X 8GB)

Besides just doing a backup of my current Unraid settings in Unraid (I have Pro so I guess just to the memory stick) is there anything else I should be aware of. I have ~16TB worth of stuff on the HDs that I would also not care to lose!