Unraid Users/Share Permissions

I followed a few posts/guides on here to get my Unraid and Plex server setup, but I’m having some permission issues/concerns.

Unraid Shares:

  • Share-1: NFS (Export=No, Sec=Private), SMB (Export=Yes, Sec=Private)
  • Share-2: NFS (Export=No, Sec=Private), SMB (Export=Yes, Sec=Private)
  • Share-3: NFS (Export=Yes, Sec=Private), SMB (Export=Yes, Sec=Private)

Unraid Users:

  • User-1: Read/Write (All Shares)
  • User-2: No Access (All Shares)

Plex Server (dedicated hardware separate from Unraid):

  • Users: root account and separate user for Plex media access (creds match Unraid User-2)
  • NFS is configured

I can successfully authenticate to all shares on Windows 10 with User-1 credentials (separate username/password from my Windows creds). I’m able to see all directories/subdirectories, I can create directories/files, but I’m not able to move/copy files from one share to another. I get a permission error for the “nobody” user. I’ve reset the credentials in Windows, restarted my Windows desktop and the Unraid server and I’m still getting the same error.

Plex is up and running fine without any issues that I can tell so far. Until I started digging into the first issue I didn’t realize that I didn’t give User-2 access to any of the shares. How is the Plex user account able to access files on the Unraid share if that user has “No Access” for all shares?

Update - I didn’t make any changes to Unraid, but deleted my share creds from Windows and that appears to resolved the “nobody” permission issues. Not sure why that didn’t work the first time…clearly a user error on my side.

For the Windows share issue, based on your description it’s most likely a permissions issue on the unraid side. Install the Fix Common Problems plugin if you haven’t done so already, and then run the Docker Safe New Perms tool from the Tools menu. This will reset the permissions on all files in your shares except the Docker appdata share to the unraid defaults. And if it is something in one of the appdata folders that you’re trying to move, your best bet is to do it directly in unraid, either using the Krusader Docker container or Midnight Commander.

As for the Plex question, NFS in unraid doesn’t use the user accounts for permissions, it’s all done on the system level. When you set the NFS export to Private and apply the settings, a new text box will appear for you to list which systems you want to access the share. If you leave that box blank, it defaults to every system having read-only access, which is the same as Secure.

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