Unraid Two Radarr Dockers

I’m new to Unraid and just got my server up and running. I’m wanting to setup two separate Radarr dockers (4k and non-4k media). I’ve found a few reddit/forum posts that have some rough instructions, but every time I try to either create another install or a second Docker it just edits the existing Docker.

Does anyone have a link/guide I could follow? Or should I be taking a different approach?

First, go into Apps > Settings and set Enable Reinstall Default to Yes.

Next, go to the Docker tab and click on the Add Container button. In the Template drop-down, pick your Radarr container. It will pre-fill all of the values from your existing container. You need to change the following values to be different from your existing container in order for it to create a new container:

  1. Name
  2. WebUI Port
  3. Appdata Folder

You will also want to adjust the folder mappings to match what type of media the container is for. Downloads folder should remain the same, but your media folder(s) should be updated. Once you’ve changed all of these options, click Apply, and it will create a new container.

Also, semi-related, once you get your second instance up and running, assuming you will be using the same downloader for both media types, you’ll need to set up separate 4k and non-4k categories in the downloader as well as in each container to ensure your content doesn’t get mixed up. If you don’t do this, whichever instance sees the file first will import it.


This is awesome. Thanks, I’m going to be doing this over the next month when my new HDDs arrive.

I got this setup last night and everything seems to be working perfectly. Thanks!

I’ve been reading about using syncarr to sync the 4k and 1080p libraries, so you’ll only have to manage 1 account. Anyone have experience with this or is there a better option?

I’ve heard of syncarr, but haven’t checked it out…

It’s not great

As long as you’re on Radarr v3, you don’t need to use any third-party programs to sync content. Radarr v3 added the ability to use another Radarr instance as a list. Sonarr v3 has the same feature to connect to other Sonarr instances as well.