unRAID+Quadro P400 (HW trans. Jellyfin) PC RAM usable as cache?

I am currently using jellyfin incl. Vaapi enc. (iGPU transc. with an Intel Pentium G4560), like here in the manual 50% of my 16GB RAM is used as cache which makes the SSD happy,

My question; if I use the P400 for HEVC enc. which only has 2GB RAM, can I also use the RAM of the mainboard for cache (transcoding) here as in the instructions in the forum ?

Reason on the side, I want to switch to a xeon 2011v3 system.

Keep your G4560 as a dedicated transcoder, there’s no reason to move that process over to the 2011v3 system.

But that’s not the point of my question, both worlds have their advantages and disadvantages. :wink: