Unraid/Plex build questions (info request)

First off - long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I recently went through technical issues (kernel panics) with my Unraid/Plex server. Since everything is torn apart and on the bench (two servers for testing) and needs to be rebuilt I figured that it is a good time for improvement - the first is a definite move to SAS. The other would be to improve my Plex capabilities.

My current server is based on an E3-1240V3 (32GB ECC) on a Supermicro X10SL7-F. I run Plex and Tautulli dockers, and would like to maximize my playback quality and number of streams. I’m the only one using Plex right now as I haven’t loaded the kid stuff (yet) and the rest of the family is all Hallmark, all the time. I figure the Plex requirements will grow…

My question is this - for future expandability and capabilities, should I look at building an 1151-based server, or should I continue with what I have? The HP290 would be nice, but I have the components for an 1151-based build (was going to be my desktop before I went Ryzen). Well, that plus the fact that I could use the funds required for a 290 or equivalent in a new server :slight_smile:

The processor I have is a G5400, but that can always go back to Microcenter…

What are your thoughts and comments?
Thanks for the insights, pros and cons!